Ibogaine Purity

Ibogaine Purity

Ibogaine Purity

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Sodium dichloroacetate offered by pureDCA.com has more than 99% purity. No organic solvents are used during the production. They are currently the only providers of sodium dichloroacetate, which is equivalent in quality to NaDCA used in Medicor Cancer Centres.They ship internationally, with no exceptions.

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he drug dichloroacetate (DCA) appears to target cancer cells, causing them to die. It’s potency as a cancer killing agent has been tested in tissue cultures and, just recently, in mice — all with very promising results.

Problem is, this drug has been used for many years to treat rare metabolic disorders and is not patentable as a cancer treatment. Without patent protection, the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in investing millions in clinical trials, even though the drug’s impact on cancer could be profound.

To understand how DCA works you must first understand that cancer cells often don’t create the energy they need via normal channels. In a healthy cell, energy is mostly produced by mitochondria. In cancer cells, the mitochondria seem to shut down. In its place, cancer cells use an inefficient, cell-wide energy producing process called glycolysis–the same process that produces lactic acid and causes your muscles to cramp.

The DCA drug appears to turn on the mitochondria that were turned off by the cancer. Oddly enough, turning on the mitochondria kills the cancer cells. Scientist has shown this in cell cultures and recently in tumors in rats.

This drug could be an important treatment for cancer. However, in order to know if the drug is effective on cancer in humans, clinical trials need to be run. Since the drug is not patentable and can be produced very cheaply, pharmaceutical companies won’t fund those clinical trials. The money will have to come from other sources: Government, charities, research foundations.



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